About us


the UrSeCo Handels GmbH & Co.KG, are providing our extensive (comprehensive) know-how to our customers for more than 25 years. We are specialized in the markets of the Eurasian Union, Ukraine and China. (Hereby, we focus on the markets of the Eurasian Union, Ukraine and China.)

Our headquarters in Ratingen, Germany serves our customers as information & logistical hub. It sources our expertise from representatives, as well as business partners, in geographically relevant locations in east-Eurasia.

Our Mission: providing professional solutions to our clients in the areas of sourcing, marketing, logistics and worldwide sales by fostering international cooperation.

Our Position

Information and logistical hub as well as service provider in the inseparable value chain relationship between producers and consumers.

Our goals

Further than sustainable commercial success we strive for:

  • Realistic and tangible positive results
  • Increasing and sustaining our clients satisfaction
  • Development of professional relationships by providing impeccable products combined with optimal service and flexibility to our clients’ interests

Ensuring reliable and smooth delivery
To ensure smooth processes:

  • We are certified under ISO 9001:2015
  • We hold all necessary licenses, certificates and insurances from first class insurance companies
  • Our products are (pre-)registered in REACH
The URSECO Handels GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf as an agent and representative of chemical producers in Russia and Kazakhstan - located along the Ural Meridian which created the Name URal SErvice COmpany

Refinement and development of Chromium mordants for international sale

Entry into the sales of Silicones

Relocation to Duisburg

Exclusive sales agent for AGFA through the subsidiary MAG in Kazakhsta

Planar AG was founded in Moscow to market Galvano and food products in Russia

Extension of the product portfolio for leather production

Conversion of the UrSeCo Handels GmbH to become the UrSeCo Handels GmbH & Co. KG

Development and organization of a leather factory in Shebekino, Russia

Reorganization of the silicone area

Active development and expansion of business relationships to Chinese partners

Large scale project to source limestone from own resources in the region of Kirov, Russia

Relocation to Ratingen

Extension of the product and logistical portfolio to include highly purified silicone chemicals for electronic industries
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